Welcome to our Community Development Foundation

Community Development Foundation (CDF  Nepal) was established in April 2011,  fully Government registered non-profit, non-political, social organization with an aiming to establish and implement sustainable education, health care, creating jobs, environmental awareness and all kinds of community development programs in isolated remote areas of Nepal. We are working seriously to develop communities to help locals to create jobs giving them various training, we also invite a volunteer to volunteering in Nepal in school, teach them about the technology about the agriculture to produce Organic foods, help them to know about climate change and direct effect them directly in their daily life.,… Read More

School maintenance

education help in Nepal

CDF Nepal organization has an aim to help the maintenance of community school in the remote communities which are destroyed by an Earthquake recently in Nepal. Currently CDF Nepal is helping Mangaleshowri primary school located in Nuwakot  and Bagheshowri lower secondary School located in Sindupalchowk district.

Health campaign

healthcare in Nepal

CDF Nepal organization is helping to the community by establishment of the different health campaign in rural remote communities of Nepal where there is no health post for the villagers but after massive Earthquake Disaster in Nepal, there are many locals who are not getting help check. So, we are helping the communities taking there health campaign..

Volunteering to Nepal

volunteering in nepal

CDF Nepal organization organised different volunteering program which you might seen in our home page also, such as a teaching volunteering, earthquake relief volunteering, Health check volunteering, Agriculture volunteer, Nepal rebuild volunteer, Environmental awareness training volunteer… etc which we are currently taking international volunteers.

Rebuild  Nepal

Rebuild the Nepal

CDF Nepal organization is stared the new campaigns to build the communities local shelter, local health post for those people who have no money to build up small cottage. Not only this but also CDF Nepal cares to build up school which are also broken completely because of Massive  Earthquake disaster 25 and 26 of April 2015.

What our clients says

lisa ingram

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Lisa Ingram “We came to know of Community Development Foundation Nepal through our recent trek in the Gokyo region with Gokyo Treks and Expeditions. lisa-ingram. It happened that we left Nepal the day before the devastating earthquake, and so were looking for a way to give direct and immediate help to the people of Nepal. We made arrangements with Ammar to send a donation to quickly provide assistance to some of the local villages in the Kathmandu Valley.Ammar wasted no time in putting the funds to good use, and arranged a number of vital emergency supplies, which we could see being distributed to over 100 villagers who had lost nearly everything”

Pascal Flock

Essen, Germany
pascal flock

“Ammar Guni, the CEO of Community Development Foundation Nepal (CDFN) is a great and trustworthy person, who cares a lot about the community. We already took the chance to support him twice with donating for his welfare projects, and like to encourage everyone to contribute in giving back a little bit to the friendly and always kind and helpful Nepali people.

We wish Ammar all the best and much success for his great work in helping people in need. Take care!”

Beth Pekol Porto

Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A

beth-pekol“I had the good fortune of meeting Ammar Guni in 2009 during my visit to Nepal with my sister Julie. You could not meet a better man. His love of his country and his dedication to helping the people there was inspiring. You can be sure that any donations made to CDFN will be put to great use. He is an honest, noble man with a heart of gold. I would encourage anyone to help with what you can. If you would like to contact me directly, Ammar can pass along my email.

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