Providing Mattress, Blankets, Mosquito net

Providing Mattress, Blankets, Mosquito net for the people who are affected by earthquake

Immediately after Earthquake hits Nepal, i talked in the village which was also fully destroyed by the earthquake 7.9 Richer and 7.6 Richter scales and of course several other ongoing quakes. There are several villages but my first priority was to save the people / villagers of our village. People had nothing to eat, nothing to sleep , no food, no shelter etc. They were in Terrible situation to survive. So than we wanted to help them / give them support as much as we can but we also have a limited resources in other hand.

However, We have been decided what to bring to the village to give relief which helps them at least somehow to live. We speared messages to our clients / friends and were able to collect some donation from our guest who have been to Nepal for the purpose of trekking tours in the Himalaya.

And from their contribution, I and our team went for shopping to buy living materials for the villagers. As just some shops opening in Kathmandu, there was very high demand of things but the supply was very less because of less stock, thus the Market price was surprisingly monopoly.

However, we were in our tight budget and bought things such as Blankets, Mattress, Mosquito net and Mask around 105 families.
The next day, we Charter a Truck, uploaded everything into the truck and we went to the Sunkhani Village ward number 9 and Kabilas Village ward number 8, of Nuwakot, he says everybody are getting mosquito bites as they have to sleep in open ground, so we have bought and distributed 105 pieces of mosquito net, 105 pieces of Mask to protect from pollution, 105 pieces of Blankets and 105 Pieces of Mattress to the village of Sunkhani and Kabilas VDC ward no 9, Nuwakot, along with this; we have also bought water purification drops for some people as well. For the reference or proof , please take a look this slide show on