providing the rice for earthquake victims people

Providing the rice and oil for the earthquake victims

Sindupalchowk District relief programs action day report:

On last Saturday (6th June 2015) Morning, around 6 AM, I and our team of Gokyo Treks & Expedition / Community Development Foundation called cdf nepal, ready to departure for this campaign to distribute Rice (each rice packets have 30 kilos), Lentils and cooking Oil. Sreeram Thapaliya, Som and Kamal were also with me. We went together to the shop where we ordered to purchase things. We did upload Rice, lentils and oil into the Truck by our self. We did it and finally left Kathmandu on 8:45 AM.

We drive sitting in a Truck, passing several towns and mystical villages; we arrived in Dolalghat where 2 beautiful pristine rivers meet each other. Ate Lunch and then drive further to Sindupalchowk chautara than to Gidane village where almost more than 300 people were waiting for us to see. During the day drive, temperature was extremely hot which was about 36 / 37 deg centigrade. After district headquarters of Sindupalchowk Chautara the roads further went over the terrible journey up to the final destination.

As we reached into the Gidane village of hassle journey, we were a bit tired however, the locals / villagers were respected us with offering Tika colors and welcome ceremony by offering garlands of colorful beautiful flowers on our neck. We were bit more refreshed and conducted things happily. Kamal Talked with his brothers to help the campaign as a co-coordinator, so we took rest and they helped us to distribute to their villagers without any trouble. People were standing and came through the line, so it was very professional and well organized.
In 2 hours everything was done very peacefully and nicely as we managed the name list and did alot of homework to make it nice and peaceful before we left Kathmandu so we had no trouble to handle the mass people on the spot. Comparing the last 2 campaigns, we are very happy on this campaign. After the program, visited some houses to analyzed the situation of the houses, took pictures and locals interview then return to kamal’s home to eat and sleep. The next very early in the Sunday morning, we left his village to walk around 1:30 hours further to Chautara, the district headquarters of Sindupalchowk. We took a local bus back to Kathmandu.

We arrived in the bus station but the bus was already almost full of passenger, we hardly got last seat, experienced like a most terrible journey in our life, Narrow seats, alot of people inside, dirty bus as window glasses were not clean, not moving properly. After some hours of rough drive, people started to vomit, I guess, more than 70 % passenger vomited – some of them outside from the window and some of them vomited inside…… OMG, i felt sick and remember only God to take us back to Kathmandu safely. However took about 7 hours to reach to home in Kathmandu, and then having rest, finally became fine. You can watch slideshow about this relief programs here: