Exploring Kathmandu tour

Kathmandu valley sightseeing

Exploring Kathmandu tour in Nepal and sightseeing around Kathmandu

Nepal is one of the richest country in terms of its natural beauties, bio-diversity, cultural harmony, lush green forest and various Art and Architectural monuments. So, Exploring Kathmandu tour is really worthy for all kind of international visitors. There are 10 things to do during your sightseeing in Kathmandu valley. They are as given here shortly.

1. Wander the streets of Thamel and the outskirts marveling at the cheap priced items for sale and the sellers trying to entice you to enter their shops.
2. Spend an afternoon sitting in the gardens of the Kathmandu Guest house with a book and a bee soaking the atmosphere of trekkers coming and going. Being such a friendly place you will meet many different nationalities here in that afternoon.

3. A trip to Hanuman Dhoka Durbar square to view the collection of temples, Art and Architectural designs, Temples of Living Goddess and several temple monuments of an age in between 15 to 17th Century, soak up the atmosphere here for a few hours.
4. A trip to the most important Hindu temple in Nepal, Pashupatinath which is set on the banks of the Baghmati River, located nearby Airport, if you have time then walk from here to Bodhnath Stupa to one of the largest stupas in the World.
5. Also a visit to Bhaktapur town is the traffic free smallest city in the valley, here it’s a step back in time as you wander the cobblestone streets viewing the communities of potters, wood carvers and weavers. It’s a chance to relax in a timeless environment as you take in the amazing architecture of the buildings.
6. If you are not venturing into the Himalayas then it’s worth spending a little time in Nagarkot to catch breath taking views (Sunrise / Sunset) of the Himalayas. We recommend you to spend the evening and then rise before dawn to see the sun coming up over these great mountains. You can see hundreds of snow capped mountains including the tallest mountains such as Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Everest, Xisapangma, Kanchenjunga in 180 deg angle.
7. Visit the Swayambhunath (monkey temple) and spend a few hours exploring the hill it’s based on. Another option is to visit Gardens of Dreams to explore around to have rest for some hours. You might also visit to Budhanilkantha, the sleeping Vishnu temple.
8. Explore the city of Fine Arts, Patan Durbar square is also a good idea and see the difference between this and Kathmandu`s. If you have chance also walks onward to the Mahabouddha temple and Uku Bahal which are very important Buddhist temples. It’s around 5 to 8 minutes South East of the square and well worth a visit.
9. If you are a student of history then a trip to Kathmandu isn’t complete without a visit to Freak street, set on the outskirts of Thamel it was home to the first international travelers in the 1960`s set in tourism history its worth just wandering along imagining hippies sat in doorways relaxing and enjoying.
10. Finally Thamel has an international cuisine that offers dishes from all over the world but we recommend trying one of the local Newari eating houses that are hidden away in the back streets. Always check the conditions of the eating house first before ordering.