Mission and vision

Mission and vision of Community Development foundations Nepal



Integrated development of social sector in Nepal. CDF Nepal seeks to create an economic and social benefit by partnering with various community to give awareness in terms of education and their health care inclusive of environmental awareness. We bring volunteer tourists to work in school’s basic education to high school education and as well as healthcare needs in the remote communities of Nuwakot district along side local residents, believing that the power of this work inspires cross-cultural understanding, value of education and as well as health care. We have already done Kalche village and Sunkhani village and have expanded to other villages and beyond healthcare to include education and income generation.


Community Development Foundations Nepal (CDF Nepal) is aiming to be a Large social organisation that help to Nepalese society to the various sector such as education, health, Sanitation, Local people empowerment. we believe the best quality of various sector can create a healthy and prosperous community which is the foundations of the Development of country .

Objectives is to:

  • build the educated community through the help in re-building the school buildings after the earthquakes damaged, library, School infrastructure, School toilets and school dress
  • Create a healthy society through the provide safe drinking water, sanitation
  • sponsor the homeless children for their education and future career
  • give a quality seeds of crops to the local people
  • conduct the health campaign timely in the rural area of Nepal.
  • encourage communities to produce organic foods educating them about its various benefits
  • preserve culture of local agriculture
  • Create jobs and support the true economy working by Humans
  • Assisting the fight against global warming educating them about organic farming which decreases the amount of carbon, stabilize the soil, minimize the greenhouse effect and negative impact in environment, and make healthier all living things in this way organic farming against the climate changes.
  • Protect drinking water quality minimizing the Industrial farming. It is necessary to practice organic to protect the quality of drinking water. Save the drinking water to protect the ecosystem. etc