Programs and Events

Our organization is currently focusing in two different districts, they are Nuwakot and Sindupalchowk. We are focusing for remote communities to give relief who needs our support urgently. You can also visit the link in on for all the latest events and photographs.

Shree Shanti Buddha Adharbhut Primary School,  Chhap VDC-1, Nuwakot Nepal(Updated on 5, January 2016)

This school is located in far eastern of Nuwakot district and established in November 16, 2005 and running since 10 years with government permission and built with 3 rooms building but totally collapsed this building after the massive earthquake in April 25, 2015. Because of constraint, all students still are studying in temporary shelters. It is difficult for small kids who are admitted in school. It will take time or unsure for help from government so if the any NGOs and INGOs help and support to rebuild the school, all of the students, local parents and teachers will feel pleased and relief. This place is rural area so most of the kids are from poor family and come from far villages so we do motivate parents to send their children to school.

In this school studying altogether 45 students from Montessori to class 3 and there are one office helper and 2 teachers to teach and having salary from local fund.

We hope to you will listen us and it will be really great pleasure for your support to make literate and bright future for poor local children. Thank you so much for your kind co-operation.


Calendar Project for Nepali Children

Luciana La Marca from France and Swen Boog from Germany had a wonderful idea to help
our children in Nepal. They both are coming in November to our country an will arrange
a drawingimage event in a school. From the best twelve pictures they will create a calendar which they are selling in Europe. With the proceeds from selling the calendars they are
planing to support the school and very poor children with scholarships.

Furthermore Luciana and Swen established a foundation in France which is called
“Helping Hands” (

For their project they were looking for a partner who organize the drawing event and who
monitored the allocation of the donations. With us they found the partner were they
are looking for.

We are very happy to have a joint venture with Luciana and Swen from “Helping Hands”
and we are looking forward for a successful and a positive cooperation, not only
for this one project.


School projects in Nuwakot (Created 16 October 2015)

After the massive earthquake disaster in 25th of April 2015, thousands of schools are destroyed completely in various districts. There are also big problems for the school children’s without roof getting education. Some of the children have also lost their father and some of them lost their mother. So it was a critical situation for children. Focusing all those tragic sceneries, we created drawing events / program to do in 2 different schools from Nuwakot joining with the helping hands of Europe together. The main objectives to organize these events are to build extraordinary ART skills to the participated children. We choose the best drawing pictures to pint in the table calendar, after selling that entire calendar, we could give a sponsor for the children who are intelligent but from very vey poor economically background and also who lost their parents on disaster. If we are lucky enough, we could also help to rebuild school. So please contact us for calendar. We are going to organize this campaign on 16th of November 2015.


Nuwakot Pipeline projects (Updated on 14, September 2015)

Last time in September 11, we have donated around 700 Meter of 25 mm pipeline for the village of Kabilash -08, Nuwakot. Locals are completed grounding all those pipes and now the villagers are very happy to get pure / fresh water which is coming out from the cave of broken stone rocks. As we committed already, we need to give them 15 bags of Cement to make concrete the water tap. We are going to donate locals those bags of cement as soonest to build tap but we still need some iron rod, some accessories to fix water tap and also a plastic tank on the source of water to reserve water. So, if any one are interested to support to buy those accessories, please do feel free to help us to give relief to the villagers.


Sindupalchowk Pipeline projects (Updated on 12, September 2015)

Last time in September 5, we have donated around 700 Meter pipeline 20 mm, 4 Inch width irrigation pipes 6 pieces (Note that each pipes will have 10 meter length) , 2 Inch width irrigation pipes 400 meter length , 2 pieces of 500 liter water reserve tank, 1 aluminum ladder to maintain electricity lines, and other necessaries accessories to the Gidane village ward number 02, Sindupalchowk district. In the mean time we have also donated 5 bags of cement to maintain older water reserve tank which was located in the middle of the village.


Sindupalchowk Pipeline projects (Updated on 08, July 2015)

In last July 05, we have donated around 3000 Meter pipeline 25 mm, 4 Inch width irrigation pipes 35 pieces (Note that each pipes will have 10 meter length) , 2 Inch width irrigation pipes 300 meter length , and other necessaries accessories to the Gidane village of ward number 02, Sindupalchowk district.