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Rebuild School

On 25th April 2015 Nepal was hit by a 7.8 Magnitude earthquake. So far thousands of people have been confirmed to have lost their lives, with many more having their homes and livelihoods destroyed. After this terrible Earthquake disaster that has happened in Nepal, Cdf Nepal are looking the future and will help in rebuilding the school of Sindupalchowk  and Nuwakot district of Nepal mainly. We are very grateful to the many people who have been in touch so far with messages of support for the people of Nepal & wanting to help.


After Earthquake disaster happened, Nepal has suffered another bad situation blocked the boarder India to Nepal so the reason people were get in trouble not having enough commodities, fuel such as kerosone, gas, petrol, diesel … etc.  even in this unfair situation, we have completed one school projects  of Sindupalchowk district which is called Bageswori lower secondry school, located in Gidane Municipality.


kids reading under cottages
After earthquake in Nepal students have been reading like this. this is really critical on education because kids can’t get concentrate on study


our school project Bagesori school of Gidane, Sindupalchowk :


After earthquake disaster happened, the team  of Community Development Foundation Nepal and Gokyo Treks and Expedition Pvt Ltd team visited Sindupalchowk districted and started rescue people, distributed relief.  In the mean time we also visited school which was totally destroyed, faling all walls, roofs, toilets, broken all class room, broken also small health post… etc. Around 300 students are then have very difficult to get study there.

we decided to help this school to renovate but because of political circumstance, it took long time to complete. But we are very happy now that we completed it. As we are not having a lot of donation from abroad, we collected some  donation from our friends who have been to Nepal for the purpose of trekking tours and also the support from Helping Association. With those donation of money, we have Renovated the school covering with zinc plates and also supported village handovering a very nice furniture Mechine to rebuld the whole village. So, we are very happy that the villagers and the childrens are getting a lot of benefit from it. Take a look some pictures as given here !

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