Volunteer placement

Community Development foundations offer a unique volunteering opportunity for individuals, couples, groups, students and experts, as well as senior and youth professionals from all over the world to make a great contribution to Nepalese society. At the same time volunteers have a opportunity to experience the rich culture, natural splendor and daily life of Nepal, one of the most beautiful countries of the world.

Our mission and goal of the CDF Nepal is to encourage and invite International/National volunteers to contribute to community development, education development, as well as health and environmental activities of the Nepalese people.

help to Nepal

Our program promotes the opportunity for individuals to build international brotherhood, and mutual friendship, through a global partnership. It is our belief that through hard-work and positive thinking, we can all help to improve cultural harmony and encourage world peace.

It is of course better to have previous working experience but not necessary or prior experience to take part in most of the programs. CDF Nepal strongly encourages all our volunteer who have a positive outlook and a strong desire to help improve Nepal via volunteering. All volunteers will enjoy a unique opportunity for travel,adventure and exploration (both natural beauty and self-exploration).